Google Down the Line!: 2013-02-10

Thursday, February 14, 2013

VIDEO VAULT: A Guys' Guide to Valentine's Day by Redfoo

Guys. It's Valentine's Day. Are you bombing out with a blooming bouquet of roses? Getting a sour face when you present a box of sweet treats? Here's why: IT'S BORING.

If you really want a sure fire way to touch someone's heart (and other naughty bits), take off your shirt, put on your best pink fuzzy bear head and do the Harlem Shake in your club room (you have one, right?) with your pantless clones like Redfoo did for his love thang, Victoria Azarenka. See for yourself:

And you know what? That shit WORKS. Exhibit A:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

PHOTO OP: FED CUP's best fist pumps

Maria Kirilenko

FED CUP kicked off this weekend. And, even though Fist Pumping Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ana Ivanovic pulled out of Serbia's tie against the Slovak Republic after injuring her shoulder at the Australian Open, there were still plenty of lady ballers willing to take her place and throw up a fist in her honor (that part is TOTALLY made up). See the results here and click the headline to see the best of this weekend's FED CUP fist pumping.

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