Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Striped socks! At the US Open!

Friday, August 30, 2013

FASHION FIX: Striped socks! At the US Open!

No, it's not your eyes. Those are stripes. On a sock. 

So, at least one of my tennis fashion dreams has finally come true. The other one is, of course, shorty-shorts on the boys, and that one is even starting to happen (hello, legs).

H&M has already come a long way from where they started with Tomas Berdych earlier this year in Oz. And it's a different look for Big Berd, who always leaned towards classic looks with Nike. We've definitely moved into more fashionable territory.

Oh yeah. He won his second round match, too.

[Photo(s) credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll]


  1. Striped socks are really cool. im wearing some right now lol.

  2. congratulations your dream come true lol

  3. I'm a big tennis fan, and I created a tennis video which I think is funny, but others are saying it's very insulting to tennis.

    I disagree but maybe the corpse is not appropriate.

    I'd REALLY like others opinion, if it's not to much trouble

    thanks much

  4. Nice, yeah tennis players are fashionable people. Stripped socks are awesome in looking. i also have three pair of striped socks with grey black color.

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