Google Down the Line!: Shirtless Andy Murray shows off something sweaty

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shirtless Andy Murray shows off something sweaty

Andy Murray fan? Read The Times Magazine London? Like shirtless Brit boys? WELL, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!

The Times Magazine has what they're calling the Miami champ's "most revealing interview yet" with this photo of a bare chested, sweaty (or artificially lubed), moley, barely conscious Muzz kicking off the article. Get it? But, what what they won't be revealing is the rest of the article for all you freeloaders because of their pay wall.

Like it or not, you're going to have to pay a few pounds a week just to see how much more Muzz The Times Magazine is hiding behind that pay wall. But, let's make a deal. If you do, tell me what you find. Because I don't pay for internet stuff. Unless it's porn. Because that's totally worth it.

[Photo(s) credit: The Times Magazine via Andy Murray Facebook page]


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  2. a new tennis genius in Great britten after roping a gold medal in the London Games 2012 he will try to rope title like Rogers cup us Open ,and french open 2013

  3. Is it me, or Andy have been working on his body even more over the past year ? I mean, i don't remember him with this kind of muscles

  4. oit, i never a fan of andy, but i wonder why other atlethe don't do just like what andy do..:D
    my tennis blog

  5. Rich, we need a Roland Garros post!

  6. hahahaha aw bless Andy. Just my personal opinion but I don't think topless/ tough-faced poses really suit him

    Francesca xo


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