Google Down the Line!: After a break, a return to form for the 2013 Australian Open

Saturday, January 12, 2013

After a break, a return to form for the 2013 Australian Open

"We're on top of the world! And, so HAWT."

Rafael Nadal totally ruined our plan. We were supposed to make our return to tennis together, and then he had to ruin it by picking up that stupid stomach thingy and withdrawing from the Australian Open. I’m never making plans with you again, Rafa. NEVAH.

Soooooo. Anything exciting happen while I was away getting hitched and soaking in my new married life? Duh, of course. Andy Murray finally breaking through and getting that Grand Slam monkey of his ghostly white back (see photo below) tops my list. I definitely was hoping for more tears, sobs or blubbering after he clinched match point at the Flushing Meadows, but he’s British. It's like trying to get Victoria Azarenka to take it down 1000 notches. Ain't. Gonna. Happen. His win over Roger Federer at the Olympics only a few weeks after losing the Wimbledon final was so impressive. Will 2013 be the long-awaited moment when a Brit is once again named "The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World?"

"Look at me. You're useless, sun."

Serena Williams is tennis’s golden girl at the moment – or is she one of the Golden Girls of tennis? Hell, she even lives in South Florida, so I guess both. I'll be damned if she isn't seemingly getting better with age after having one of her best seasons on the WTA tour at the age of 31, winning Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the singles and doubles gold with sister Venus at the Olympics. If ReRe’s winning run in Brisbane is any indicator, she hasn’t stepped off the gas having now won 52 of her last 54 matches. But what’s with her swapping the actress-dates-rapper story for a rumored tennis coach-dates-tennis baller one aka Patrick Mouratoglou? Whatever’s going on with them, it’s working.

"Keep your eyes on the prize, Patty."

What else? Well, Maria Sharapova completed a Career Slam by winning the French Open. That was pretty cool. But, the Russian revealed at the U.S. Open that she and fellow giant Sasha Vujacic called off their engagement, and now she’s rumored to be dating Grigor Dimitrov. There's even a video encounter to "prove" it. Novak Djokovic ended 2012 as the year-end No.1 for the second consecutive year; he held it for most of last year with Fed holding the top spot in middle. Speaking of the Swiss, he won his 17th major title at the All-England Club, while Vika won her first in Oz.


I love this time of year. Like any beginning, it can set the tone for the entire season. There’s so much potential and possibility. But it’s not how you start – it’s how you end. Will any lady baller be able to stand tall against ReRe? The top women can’t even take sets from her right now, nevermind win matches. Maybe it’ll be some precocious up-and-comer with a big game and no fear a la Shrieka circa 2004; but they don’t come around that often anymore.

Rafa won’t be anywhere near his best level when he returns, so that leaves Nole, Muzz and Fed to scoop up the Grand Slam goodies. Or maybe someone else will break through their stranglehold on the majors. But who – Juan Martin del Potro, Tomas Berdych, David Ferrer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga? Maybe one of the young, massive-serving ballers like Milos Raonic or Jerzy Janowicz will shock and awe or Grisha will fulfill his tremendous potential. That being said, it’s hard to see anyone breaking through the Top 3 especially at Slams. But as Rafa takes time to sharpen up his game, that will leave a hole in tourney draws for opportunist ballers ready to make their move.

Game on.

P.S. Getting married was and is awesome. Don’t believe the “it’s just a piece of paper” bullshit. Even though Kalil and I have been together almost 13 years, it does feel different in a great way. Plus, the reception was phenomenal. I danced my ass off. Seriously, I had to scrape it off the floor. This dance party was uber-special. So, if you’re thinking there’s no point in getting married because you already “feel” married, I say take the plunge and do it for reals.

[Photo(s) credit: Getty Images, Victoria Azarenka Facebook page]


  1. Yay! Nice to see you back. Looking forward to hearing from you more often. And congrats on getting hitched.

    And...don't even get me started on Rafa.

    1. Thanks! Ugh, he's enjoying fishing way too much.

  2. I'm really glad to see you back! Huge welcome! :)

    1. It was a much-needed break, Marija. And he put a ring on it, so it was well worth being away.

  3. Welcome BACK!
    You have been missed. <3 <3

  4. Great to have you back Rich. Congratulations on your marriage! I've missed your commentary.


  5. Replies
    1. Hey E! Appreciate it. Good to see you're back as well. Now we just need to catch up next time you're in NYC. You know, for sangria???


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