Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) QUOTE OF THE DAY: Victoria Azarenka

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(UPDATED) QUOTE OF THE DAY: Victoria Azarenka

If I relax my butt a little bit, somebody's going to come and kick it.

- Victoria Azarenka on being the top lady baller

And by "somebody" she means the "little magician." And by "little magician" she means, er, a Polish lady baller who can't wait to do just what Vika said after what she said about Vika

Ay, what a telenovela. Can't wait to read into all of the stare downs, fist pumps and other on-court dramz during their Indian Wells quarterfinal. Just grab your popcorn and ENJOY.

UPDATE: Forget a telenovela. More like a mini-commercial break. Ouch.

[Photo(s) credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images]


  1. Boo, I was hoping it would turn into a telenovela. Not for the plot or anything like that but because telenovelas always have a bevy of hot guys inexplicably walking around shirtless and tennis needs more of that.

    1. Yeah, like William Levy. And William Levy. And, oh yeah, WILLIAM LEVY.


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