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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

VIDEO VAULT: Thank you, Wilson

Most tennis commercials for pretty much anything make me want to turn the channel. Actually, they work pretty well as white noise for bedtime (counting sheep just doesn't cut it anymore - boo). They bore me to whatever is worse than tears.

But after catching these commercials by Wilson for their Juice & Steam racquets--in particular this one starring first-time major quarterfinalist Kei Nishikori--during some of Tennis Channel's Australian Open coverage, I felt a strange sensation building inside my belly. No, not gas. It was a giggle. A loud and true giggle.

I cracked up at a tennis commercial. Miracles really do happen kids.

[Via: Wilson]


  1. The other ones are great too! The one with Kvitova is funny - they ask her if she is aware that some people want to make the racquet illegal and she shakes her head, mutters something, and takes off the microphone!

    1. Hers was good, too. Feli's? Not so much. Kudos to Wilson for getting this one right. Other tennis brands take note. PLEASE.


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