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Sunday, January 29, 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Novak Djokovic

 Ah, yes.  Right now, yes.  

- Novak Djokovic on whether his almost 6-hour win over Rafael Nadal in the men's final at the Australian Open was the greatest win of his life

Astounding. There really are no words to describe this match and even less for how Nole was able to pull it out. And, now he's one away from a "Nole Slam."

I guess the talk of whether he could continue the form from last year have been unequivocally squashed. He went to a level I don't think anyone has ever achieved is a single match, nevermind in the finals of a major. As for Rafa, he was, as always, gracious in defeat and said he enjoyed the "suffering." This one was special.

I told you it was gonna be good...really REALLY good.



  1. Loved this match and couldnt be happier for Djokovic to have broken the hold Federer and Nadal had on the game for years!

  2. Enjoy Novak!
    I hope he can get the career slam and another year or so at number one. Then a new contender will show up.You have to grab it all while you can.

  3. Always a pleasure to see the new world number one Greetings from juegos de mario


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