Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Nadal's got serious game

Saturday, November 26, 2011

PHOTO OP: Nadal's got serious game

Looks like the Davis Cup final is off to a very promising start...

So I know male athletes generally slap each other on the ass to say, "Good job!" or "Nice effort!" But what exactly does this greeting mean? We could all come up with ideas, but I'd like to think Rafael Nadal just wanted to grab it ("it" being Juan Monaco's firm Argentinean half moon)...HARD (see facial expression). And that this happens, like, lots. While in towels. Or out. And leaves an ass bruise. Like a hickey. But without the sucking. Or maybe...

You can thank reader DDM for tipping me off. You're welcome.

[Photo(s) credit: @olerafa]


  1. that surely hurts...Rafa is using his strong arm on that ass...ouch

  2. hurts so good you mean, right? we can't see pico's mug but we all know he's smiling because rafa's grabbing his happy place. at least that's what i call it on me.

  3. hilarious. I wish my ass was 'solid' too lol

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