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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PHOTO OP: Stonefaced Murray


The art of the non-reaction. Good idea, Muzz.

So let's just say, hypothetically speaking, Andy Murray continues this tremendous run-of-form, wins either Shanghai or Paris, the season-ending Masters Cup in London and his first Slam in Oz. I think we'll look back at his demolition of Rafael Nadal in the last two sets of the Tokyo final as the big turning point. To be more specific, we can pinpoint the three consecutive bombs he threw down to save break points in the second set after earning the break over Rafa as the moment Muzz's balls finally dropped.

From that point on, he never looked back. He also never looked like the Muzz we've come to know. The one who, when things get tight, he gets defensive and even a bit edgy. This Muzz took it to the Spaniard and looked like he meant it. Not hypothetically, of course, but FOR REALS.

[Photo(s) credit: Getty Images]


  1. balls dropping...I love you, man. Your blog is always uplifting, eh, ball-dropping, eh, drooping, eh you get the idea. Big sloppy kiss.

    Not happy if Rafa is losing. Seriously, what do they have against a 2-month holiday (no Masters/mandatory events for two months) ... I could use more doubles and juniors, and they could basically do junior tournaments, team and Davis Cup, and more doubles, mixed doubles, and lifestyle (biographies, histories, records, my pad, my ride, all that stuff) . They could actually take three months off.

    Rafa needs to stop playing all year long, it's not fun.

  2. Love the caption underneath the picture!

  3. t: I think he feels the same way. Not the ball dropping, the schedule. I think anyway. Maybe Rafa actually saw Muzz's balls drop in his shorts during that match. Would love to ask, though if he did he may be scarred for life.

    Thanks mr keep it simple.

  4. Hello from Yucatan, Mexico. Question: How can I share your post? I mean, Can I? Share it in facebook or in my own tennis blog? Thanks in advance.

  5. @tennislucy: Hello Yucatan! Yeah, you can share it. Just give credit and link back to it, that's all.


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