Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: She who laughs last has the last laugh (duh)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VIDEO VAULT: She who laughs last has the last laugh (duh)

I was reading all day about this supposedly awful, tasteless, no good, desperate attempt by Caroline Wozniacki to grab more attention during her post-match presser last night. She made fun of Rafael Nadal's recent cramping conference by imitating his now-infamous slide down his chair all the while giggling and showing off her full set of teeth and gums (more gum than teeth actually).

Boy, what a dumb fucking move. I don't say that because I think what she did was awful, tasteless, no good or desperate. In fact, I may have snickered a little a bit with her (besides who am I to talk after what I posted - we should all be relieved she didn't imitate THAT). No, it's dumb because she just incurred the wrath of the Rafanatics. They are a fiercely loyal group who take offense when anyone dare poke fun at their boy. Doesn't she know they'll burn her in effigy and sacrifice her first born son to the tennis gods? I guess she does now:

Sorry, sweets. Ain't nothin' gonna get you back in their good graces. Save it for someone who cares. 

You know, Wozzi's usual attempts at humor (think: rooooo) are awkward at best and her make out sessions border on the bizarre. But this one made me chuckle. Well, more like chuck. Get it? That's, like, half-a-laug...ah, nevermind.


  1. Yeah it was a bad combo: Woz trying to be funny and using Rafa to get there. OUTRAGEOUS.

  2. this is such a silly thing to get upset over. if rafanatics get upset about this, they really need to chill!

  3. Dude, you might be next. Watch your back.

  4. It was ridiculous of her to do that! (Always side with the Rafa folks!)

  5. Yeah well serena showed who is the real number one as she has before, and she is a Rafanatic too, she cannot get enough of his big bum, she is always raving about it. So Caro has no chance!See you when you have ten slams my love!


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