Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: There's absolutely nothing awkward about this picture

Monday, September 12, 2011

PHOTO OP: There's absolutely nothing awkward about this picture

Yup. Still stunned.

[Photo(s) credit: Getty Images]


  1. Wow. I think she is much more beautiful when she doesn't wear makeup. I think someone forced her slap on some lipstick.

  2. She could have chosen another dress, really. She looked so much better at her press conference.

  3. Agree with killervirgo. I really like Stosur, but she looks awful with that makeup on. It's too bad that some TV exec didn't think her accomplishments were enough and felt the need to pretty her up. She looks so much better on court. Natural is the way to go.

  4. The dress says it all. Sammy had no idea she was going to win. I can't explain the rest.

  5. Could be. But I can recall Jana Novotna finding a dress very easily after she won Wimbledon (it was in the official film if I'm not mistaken).
    Come on Samy...

  6. This a tad late but yes glamming up is not Sam's forte and why should it be? She wore a Lacoste dress, for obvious reasons, but I wish she had just worn a nice knit shirt and jeans and called it a day. Anyway, holding up the trophy is what counts. Congrats Sam!


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