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Monday, September 12, 2011

PHOTO OP: Kissing the cup

Oh, to be a trophy.

Yes. Congratulations, Novak Djokovic, on a whole bunch of things: first US Open title, fourth career major, 10th title of the year, 64-2 record, 3 Slams in a single year, sixth straight win over Rafael Nadal, and beating Roger Federer and Rafa back-to-back. Pretty massive list of accomplishments.

So where does he go from here? From the Serbian horse's mouth at his post-match presser:
There is still a lot of things to prove, you know, to myself, to the tennis world. I still want to win many more events, many more major events. That's something ‑‑ as I said, you know, it's not just habit of standing up every morning and being focused on what you do. It's just that love for the sport that keeps me going. And winning on the court, that feeling, as along as it stays with me, I will keep fighting for more trophies. Yeah, so it would be unbelievable to be able to complete the Grand Slam, to win the French Open. It's something that is definitely an ambition, but it's going to take time.
Sure it's going to take time, but the French Open won't be far off. Before Wimbledon, I would've said winning on the grass was going to be the biggest hurdle and he took that one home. But all that talk is for next year. Right now is where it's at. Major props, Nole. Now go stuff your face with gluten. You've earned it.

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  1. Four slams now. Another couple every year for a few more years, and he's one among the greatest.

    Way to go, Djoker!!

    Three of the greatest players in the modern game playing at the same time. Very rare to watch.


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