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Friday, September 2, 2011

FASHION FIX: Is Kuznetsova getting the good vibes?

Have you seen this Fila outfit before? Yes, no, maybe so? It's the outfit Kim Clijsters was supposed to wear to defend her US Open title. As we all know she was forced to pull out due to ANOTHER injury, this time to her abdominal area. Svetlana Kuznetsova was given the go ahead to wear it by the Italian sportswear brand.

I'm thinking it has some of Kimmie's lucky US Open vibes. Why? Because Sveta's actually playing well in Flushing Meadows. So far. I was hesitant to mention it because we all know the rollercoaster ride she puts us on when she hits the court these days. She can be playing well and then, out of nowhere, start spraying groundies everywhere but where they need to go. I suppose at some level we love the drama but it would be great to see someone of her talent (HELLO, she won two Slams somehow) play up to her ability. Plus, we still have JJ.

We should start a prayer circle for Sveta and hope she keeps this going. Then, maybe she won't have to wear Kimmie's hand-me-downs again, nice as they are. So there's that.

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[Photo(s) credit: Fila]


  1. I like when Sveta wears the shorts...

  2. Not a big shorty shorts fan on the ladies for matches but I have to agree. She and Venus are the only ones I like in shorties. Well, them and the boys (if only in my head).


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