Google Down the Line!: A postscript postcard to Petra Kvitova and Li Na

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A postscript postcard to Petra Kvitova and Li Na

It's okay, ladies. Really. You both entered the tennis history books this year in huge ways: You, Petra Kvitova, by winning Wimbledon and, according to Straight Sets, becoming the first Grand Slam ladies' champ EVAH not to win even a set in her next major tourney and you, Li Na, for becoming the first baller from Asia to hoist a Grand Slam trophy and coming in second to Maria Sharapova in the top earning female athlete ranking thingy.

I think your first round losses at the US Open were almost meant to be. Why? Well, you both showed up wearing pretty much the same Nike duds (one is a cap tee while the other a tank) and you both lost to young, up-and-coming Romanians. Pretty obvious signs if you ask me.

You both must be mentally tired, too, after your efforts earlier in the season and especially now that you're wearing big ass targets on your backs. Those other lady ballers will be gunning for you every chance they get and preparing to step into your Nike kicks at the first strike. They want to be where you are (if they're not there already, that is).

While it's never good to lose reigning major champs in the first round I think you deserve (read = desperately need) a break. And now you have one. So enjoy it. And make sure to return the favor and send a postcard from your vacay. Through snail mail. Not that e-card shit.


[Photo(s) credit: Nick Laham/Getty Images]

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