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Monday, August 1, 2011

Nolena take cover

Novak Djokovic + Jelena Ristic are featured on the cover and inside the newest edition of Serbian Hello! magazine. The world's top baller and his WAG are looking all kinds of good in this spread. My fave? Croquet Nole. MUST have those shoes. In fact, I need the whole outfit, with or without him in it. I'm not picky.

More shots of Nolena after the jump...

[Photo(s) credit: Hello magazine via]


  1. I keep thinking she must such an extrovert to hang with Nole. Glad they're having fun.
    I like looking at her small-butt, considering I live in Nigeria and it's been a while since I saw small bums. (cue the music.) Just imagine a butt-contest between her and Serena. It's juvenile, I know.

    happy for them.

  2. I ownder how his manager is now? Is it still Alon Khakshouri? Also, since nadal and nole no longer share agent Barbadillo, who is Nole's agent now? Is it Ron Burkle? If so, he's doing a good job getting nole on Jay Leno and Conan.

  3. @ t: They look like they're pretty happy and enjoying life. That's what happens when you're on top of the world and stuff I suppose.

    @ anon: Not sure who's doing his PR now that he's not with Benito. Media requests are accepted via his site as of now.

  4. Looking great as per usual. When are they tying the knot?

  5. @ nina: Actually there were rumors earlier this summer that they had secretly tied the knot. Uh, if they got married I don't think they would have a problem publicizing it (see photoshoot...and everything else they do.)


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