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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FASHION FIX: Andy Roddick Signature Collection polos by Lacoste

Andy Roddick did more than throw a temper tantrum, kill Babolat and launch a ball into the stands during his short stay in Cincinnati this week. He fell out of the Top 20 with the loss, too. Ouch.

Oh wait. This post is supposed to be about fashion. Right.

The former top baller debuted a new polo from his Andy Roddick Signature Collection with Lacoste. Check it out, plus two other styles I really love, after the jump.

A-Rod broke out the Striped Polo ($88) in eclipse blue for the match - a truly classic style.

While the Striped Polo looked fine on him, there are a couple of other styles from the collection I liked far better than the one he wore, like the Color Block Polo ($88) in white with navy and green. The green stripe breaks up the basic color palette and the contrast placket is an unexpected, vintage-y touch.

My favorite, though, is the Engineered Stripe Polo ($88) in black with white and poppy red. POPPY RED? How can you not love it?? The bands on the sleeves really add some texture and give the look a racer feel. Very cool. A must purch.

On another note, I have no idea if A-Rod is wearing any of these styles at the US Open. He probably won't wear the Striped Polo in eclipse blue since he's wearing it now, but he could end up wearing one of the other two colors - night blue or white. I say stick him in the Engineered Stripe Polo and call it a day. Shorts optional.

[Photo(s) credit: Tennis Warehouse]


  1. I like the gear, but man, do I HATE the fit that Roddick goes with!

  2. Yeah, Van, typical sausage sizing. Can't these guys just wear their size?? And you see them pulling up their sleeves because they're too long and baggy. NEWSFLASH: IT'S TOO BIG FOR YOU.


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