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Sunday, June 5, 2011

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Roger Federer

Obviously I'm the one that's playing with smaller margins, so obviously I'm always going to go through a bit more up and downs; whereas Rafa is content doing the one thing for the entire time. So it's always me who's going to dictate play and decide how the outcome is going to be. If I play well, I will most likely win in the score or beat him; if I'm not playing so well, that's when he wins.

- Serena, er, Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal

GAWD. Does this quote really need any explanation?

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  1. it is a bit of sour grapes, but it is also true. Roger had several chances to close out the first set, but he got tight. Rafa's game is great because he has to much clearance over the net with the that topspin so he rarely hits a ball long or dump it into the net like Federer.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again - for all his greatness, Roger Federer is NOT a gracious loser by any stretch of imagination.


  3. Federer's gracious enough, only not compared to the uber-polite Mr. Nadal - who even gave Federer the third set to massage his feelings.

  4. I think he's absolutely right! Rafa just keeps pushing the ball back all the time, it's like hitting against a wall and I think players just get bored and/ or desperate and end up making an unforced error... Rafa might have won, but his game wasn't pretty!

  5. I agree with the first part of his statement. Fed is primarily an aggressive baller while Rafa is more apt to stay consistent and play defense though, as we saw at last year's USO, he's upped his aggression. But, at RG he tends to play the percentages.

    Where I disagree, and it's not only with Fed but whenever any baller makes this claim, is that if I play well I'll win and if I don't the opponents wins. It completely discounts what their opponent, who was the one that actually converted match point, has brought to the match. When there are only two people on the court, their games are always influencing the other. So, if the aggressive baller is making errors it's not only their play that may suck but their opponent has most likely taken them out of their comfort zone.

    But all these champs, including Rafa, live partly in denial most of the time. It's like they need it in order to stay focused, take the pressure of, and/or keep the doubts away. And it adds drama, which as you know, I LOVE.

  6. well said, as always, Rich!

  7. You sort of alluded to it, Rich, with your snarky "Serena, er, Roger Federer" credit but I'll just say it straight up. This is the same kind of statement that ReRe used to get crucified in the press for but now some are excusing and even agreeing with Fed on. I think it is sour grapes and ungracious when Serena does it and equally so when Fed, or anyone else, does it.

  8. In fairness, all Rafa does when he plays Roger is hit to Roger's backhand. If Roger's backhand isn't performing well, that's the match right there. I see Roger's point.

  9. So Rafa has defeated Roger all 5 times they've played at the FO and is 17 - 8 overall against him. Are you saying that in 17 matches, Rafa won only because Roger's backhand wasn't performing well? This is the guy many consider to be the GOAT and his backhand has failed him in all 17 matches he has lost to Rafa? Give me a break!


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