Google Down the Line!: Mannarino's hairy situation needs managing - stat!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mannarino's hairy situation needs managing - stat!

Yes ladies, gentlemen and those in between. This is the baller who beat Juan Martin del Potro 7-6(3), 7-6(7) at Queen's Club today. His name is Adrian Mannarino, a Frenchie who sits at 54th in the rankings, and he's got a hairy situation like no other.

I mean, how could the Argentine lose to someone whose hair role model is obviously Michael Myers?? Fine, it was great win for Manna but if he's going to deplete the Delpo HAWTNESS of a tourney like Queen's Club he should tame that whispy helmet and give us something pretty to look at. Or use conditioner. For the love.

More proof of Manna's hairy situation after the jump. And, remember: YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

[Photo(s) credit: AFP PHOTO / DOMINIQUE FAGET, AFP PHOTO / Filippo MONTEFORTE, Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]


  1. His hair is BEAUTIFUL, shut up!

  2. i thought u of all ppl wouldnt have probs w a raw and uncut approach to hair. what is an uncut approach to tennis anyway? unedited? unabridged? uncircumsized?

  3. 2nd anon: Now that's LOL worthy. I choose #3. And not for personal reasons. Pinky swear.


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