Google Down the Line!: HE SAID/SHE SAID: Wimbledon Day 5

Sunday, June 26, 2011

HE SAID/SHE SAID: Wimbledon Day 5

Q. Do you realize your nickname here is actually Deliciano. What do you say to that nickname?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: It's coming from Andy's mother. She's so funny. It's just something that everybody knows now because somebody post it on Twitter.

Q. Do you like that nickname?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: I have to like it. It's kind of funny. I mean, it's okay.

Q. Do you get a lot of attention from female fans when you're walking around?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: Not really. Like another place, I think.

Q. You talked about learning. Could you talk about how your mental toughness has evolved over the years since you were a younger player? Is that something you've worked on?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Uhm, I think, you know, experience is a big thing. I think it's really priceless. But I don't think, you know, that calmness and that mental toughness is something that you can just go to someone and someone can teach you about it.

I think it's just how you see certain situations instead of just being too negative, even though it's something that you want to do. And of course it's so easy to get down on yourself, want to throw your racquet, complain about things. But I think positive thoughts and things just lead you to much better results.

I mean, it's something that you can definitely work on, absolutely. Yeah, it's challenging. But I think experience has really helped me.

Q. As the years go by, do you let thoughts creep in that it might never happen for you here?

ANDY RODDICK: Well, sure. You're human. I mean, of course it does. You know, you may never get your favourite job either. No offence to your current employer.

Q. I'm quite happy.

ANDY RODDICK: That's good. Me, too.

Q. My question was, it must be harder as the year goes on to think of this dream of yours.

ANDY RODDICK: It's similar to the question just asked. What do you do? You keep moving forward until you decide to stop. At this point I've not decided to stop so I'll keep moving forward.

Q. When did you first dream of being a Wimbledon champion and what were those images, if you can remember?

CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, I remember when I was a little girl, maybe nine years old, I said that I want to be No. 1 in the world and I want to win the Grand Slams. That's always been my goal since then.

You know, to reach one of my goals, it's incredible, especially in such a young age that I have, that it came so quickly. It's just a positive thing for me.

Q. Did you grow up watching this tournament on the TV at home?

CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yes. I think this is actually the first tournament I watched on TV. Definitely a special tournament for me. I enjoy playing here and being here.

Q. Do you remember which players you watched then?

CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I remember I watched Martina Hingis. She was my idol growing up. I watched so many of her matches.

Q. Do you still have ambitions of winning Grand Slams yourself?

RICHARD GASQUET: It's tough. It's tough, because when I was second week in Roland Garros I had to win Djokovic, then Federer, then Nadal. Even here in 2007 I won in semi-final I had to win the same: Federer and Nadal.

So even if I'm not far, you are far because you need to win the best after. So I don't know if I can, but I'll try to go farther as I can.

Q. Why don't you use Hawk Eye more? Do you forget to use it?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, I only use it if I think I need it. If I feel like I hit the ball out, most times you can feel on your racquet. I think usually when I'm challenging, I'm pretty right on.

Q. You use it a lot less than a lot of players.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I don't think Hawk Eye is there for like a chance kind of thing. I think you have to use it strategically.

If it's like the second point in a match, possibly maybe not a good time to use it. Hopefully the confidence is there that you can get the next point, some kind of thing like that.

Hawk Eye, for me, I'm confident I can win the next point. I don't need that call, per se.

Q. Unless you think it's way, way out, definitively the wrong call is made, you're going to move on?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah. I think it's important to have the Hawk Eye when it really counts. If it's 5 All and you have no challenges left, that's a problem. So it's just I think important to use it more strategically than I need it and it's there.

Q. If you get through on Monday and López keeps winning, I'm curious who you think your mum might be supporting if you meet Deliciano?

ANDY MURRAY: I think it's about time she stopped with that nonsense. Makes me want to throw up. It's disgusting. Yeah, it's disgusting.

I was practising with him before the tournament. It's quite funny because she'd been writing about it on, you know, Twitter like all the time. And I was practising with him before the tournament and my mom was on the side.

I said, when we were warming up, I shouted across the net, I said, Feli, if we sit down for a drink, if you could take a picture with my mom, because she thinks you're beautiful.

She went bright red. I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. Refused to take the picture. Quite funny. Not like her.

Yeah, I hope she'll still be supporting me.

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  1. Oy, as a Richard fan who has, somehow, managed to keep the hope alive, that's not what I want to hear.

  2. That's exactly why I picked that quote Sara. He couldn't be any less confident sounding with the "I don't know if I can..." part. He's already defeated. So disappointing.


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