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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Virginie Razzano: "If I did this, it's for Stephane..."

It really is a testament to Virginie Razzano's strength and and courage that she was able to play her first round match at Roland Garros today while dealing with such personal pain. Her fiancé and coach, Stephane Vidal, died 8 days ago from a brain tumor. But, as she explained in a tearful post-match presser, she did it because it's what he would have wanted for her:
"If I did this, it’s for Stephane and for me, too, because it’s what he wanted. He wanted that I play, that I continue my life, even if circumstances like these are very, very difficult and painful. But he believes in me, he believes that I have this strength in me, and he had plenty of it, too. It’s why we were good together.”
Hopefully, she can now take some time away from the courts and surround herself with friends and family. Be well, Virginie.

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