Google Down the Line!: POLL: Who's getting served an 'UPSET SPECIAL'?

Friday, May 20, 2011

POLL: Who's getting served an 'UPSET SPECIAL'?

Just a quick note y'all: I set up two polls - one for the boys and another for the ladies - in the right side bar listing out some of the highly intriguing first round match ups at this year's Roland Garros. The tennis draw GAWDS were not kind to some of the top ballers. And, as we know, everyone gets the jitters in the first round of a Grand Slam. Everyone. No one is safe.


Oh, right, so go vote. Pretty please?

P.S. - If you don't see your UPSET SPECIAL listed then let me know which one you're eyeballing. Color me curious, that's all.

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  1. would love to see Date Krumm avenge that Wimby loss to Woz...I don't trust Gasquet the French he's a good bet for being "upset"

  2. I think Woz will get past Kimi but no one is happy to see her in the first round. Of anything. Kimi thrives in that moment. I'm hoping for a tussle at the very least.

    Aw, poor Reeshard. My fingers crossed he'll get over himself and play some good ball. But he feels it too much there like you said. AAARGH.

  3. Full disclosure: The only reason I voted for JMDP vs Ivo is because I love Ivo and I'm a great believer in wishfu...positive thinking.

  4. Autumn: LOL tennis is a shit shoot at times so you never know.

    Here's why I looked at it as a potential upset: We don't know yet how Delpo's injury is doing and if Dr. Ivo gets on one of those sick serving streaks, well, we've seen it before. Delpo's injury, though, is the wild card here.

  5. Feli Lopez upset Federer!!!


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