Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: More of Maxime Teixeira - with Body Bonus!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PHOTO OP: More of Maxime Teixeira - with Body Bonus!

I thought you guys might need a little more of Maxime Teixeira as you prepare for his second round match against Roger Federer tomorrow because the first batch wasn't nearly enough and because he's, like, candy on a stick. Or is it a stick of candy? Anyway, you can even drool at this picture while pretending he's calling you and saying how excited he is to be playing Fed, a living legend. Wait, that's my scenario. Get your own guys.

Please feel free to offer your gratitude and appreciation to DtL tipster JJB for alerting me to these shots (well, I guess I can since you can't).

A bunch more, including our boy joining the shirtless brigade, after the jump. You won't be disappointed. Pinky swear.


[Photo(s): A cause de Garcons]
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  1. Rich! I hope your up and watching the match :-)
    He fine.


    It's a shame Roger is currently manhandling him. Actually, it's a shame, I'M not currently manhandling him.


  3. I know guys. Caught the tail end (and his) and it was a drubbing. Doesn't matter - wasn't there for the tennis anyway. Only for the pretty.

    Sad for him but good experience. Damn you, Fed.

  4. I saw him play with Federer and I was shocked at how freaking hot he was so I had to look him up. great photos!


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