Google Down the Line!: An ode to Simone Bolelli + Pablo Andujar

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An ode to Simone Bolelli + Pablo Andujar

Of course, everyone today in the real world and online was talking about the 3-6, 7-5, 6-1 loss by Kim Clijsters to Arantxa Rus in the Roland Garros second round and rightfully so. And while it was definitely surprising it wasn't a complete shock based on the question marks surrounding the Belgian's health and game.

What I'd like to do here, though, is give props to my boys Simone "The Beautiful" Bolelli + Pablo Andujar. Not because they won their matches because obviously they didn't, but because they pushed their opponents, that being Andy Murray + Rafael Nadal, and looked uber-tasty the whole time (it's a skill, really). They both converted a bunch of break points and even held set points in their matches but couldn't close the deal. I guess that's why they're ranked where they are (48th for Pablo, 126th for Beautiful) while Rafa + Muzz are running rampant at the elite level of the sport.

"Yup. Like a rock."

But what a treat it was - a Man Candy Christmas, if you will, and in May no less (thanks Santa, you're the best!). I rarely get to watch either of them ball but today I got both of them large and in living HD color. And let's not even talk about the fun of DVR. I suppose I should also thank the draw GAWDS for putting them on the path to Rafa + Muzz early because their potential match up meant they were destined for big screen TV time. And they made it happen.

So congrats boys. It doesn't matter that you lost. You made me proud and gave me visuals that will live in my head forever. Well, at least through tonight. And if it makes you feel any better, just know the HAWTNESS factor at Roland Garros this year took a serious nosedive. I know, you're welcome.

Oh yeah, one other thing: I thought I couldn't love that Lacoste polo any more than I already do but seeing you both sweat it up while gunning hard put it over the top. Heh, heh. Hard.

More images of my boys after the jump.

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