Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: WTA tour launches "Strong is Beautiful" global ad campaign

Friday, May 13, 2011

MEDIA MASHUP: WTA tour launches "Strong is Beautiful" global ad campaign

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The WTA announced the launch of a new global ad campaign entitled "Strong is Beautiful" which features some of the biggest names on the tour. It will roll out over the next two years covering 80 markets and incorporating TV, print and digital ads along with a strong social media component. The WTA hopes to engage fans from around the world and bring along new fans by showcasing 38 of the current and future stars of the tour.

Photog Dewey Nicks, who shot a select group of lady ballers for a brilliant slide show and video last year for The New York Times Magazine right before the US Open, was brought on board to helm the creative and shoot the ads.

The first spot to be released is called 'Sugar & Spice' and focuses on the qualities needed to be successful in the competitive world of tennis:

The second spot, called 'Countries', is narrated by Caroline Wozniacki and focuses on the global nature of women's tennis:

The remaining spots are individual ads featuring Victoria Azarenka, Li Na, Ana Ivanovic, Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters all discussing a quality or challenge that has made them unique. I adore these ads in particular because Vika, Li + NaturAna get to narrate in their native tongue. Now there's some global for you. You can check out these videos after the jump (click the head).

Kudos to the WTA for this awesome campaign. It's visually stunning, modern, elegant, and even haunting. The ads, at their core, really transcend the sport and have the potential to connect with fans, new and old, in all different kinds of ways. And isn't that just the recipe for growing the sport? Genius. Oh, and thanks for not hiring this guy to take the reigns. Yeah, going the Maxim route probably isn't a plan for success. Just a thought.

Visit the WTA Facebook page to view all the upcoming ads as well as their dedicated YouTube page for more videos.

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