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Monday, April 11, 2011

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Rafael Nadal

This year Novak has a lot of advantages. He is in a perfect situation to be number one. I'm sure he'll be number one next month. He started the season playing unbelievably. In my opinion he didn't even play his top level in Indian Wells and Miami.

- Rafael Nadal talking Nole at his pre-tourney presser at the Monte Carlo Masters today

Rafa is not only the King of Clay. He's also the king of taking pressure off himself when it comes to his goals, long and short. In the same presser the Spanish southpaw admitted it will be difficult to repeat the feat he accomplished last year of capturing all clay Masters 1000s + Roland Garros.

I agree. It will be incredibly difficult to repeat, but if anyone can it's Rafa. I do see Nole breaking through, though, and winning one of the Masters. Maybe Madrid where the altitude will speed up the court just enough for Nole's liking. But will he become No. 1 in the next month? Anyone (who has an affinity for numbers and ranking points)?

P.S. Here's my runner-up quote. It's from the World No. 1 as well: "It's almost a year since I've played on clay. As usual, I try to watch videos (of myself) to remember what I have to do."  Uh, can you remind Muzz the importance of watching yourself on video? And that's not what I'm talking about, Rafa. Keep it clean.

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  1. Here is how I figure the points:

    Rafael Nadal Points to Defend until May 10th:
    Masters 1000 Monte Carlo (1,000)
    Masters 1000 Rome (1,000)
    Masters 1000 Madrid (1,000)

    Novak Djokovic Points to Defend until May 10th:
    Masters 1000 Monte Carlo (360)
    Masters 1000 Rome (180)
    Masters 1000 Madrid (0)

    For Novak to catch Nadal in a month, here is what would need to happen:
    Nadal is currently at 12,870 points and Djokovic stands at 9,700.
    Monte Carlo: Djokovic isn’t playing, so he is going to fall to 9,340 and lets say Nadal doesn’t win a match so he loses 1,000 points to fall to 11,870. In Rome, lets say Djokovic wins and Nadal doesn’t win a match. That takes Nadal to 10,870 and Djokovic to 10,160. They are now only 710 points apart, and yes, Djokovic CAN catch him, but the WORST and the BEST would have to happen.
    Prediction: Nadal is still the No. 1 and Djokovic is the No. 2 player going into the French Open.

  2. @ Richard: Awesome! Thanks for the input.


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