Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Patrick McEnroe wants an apology and gets one - so are we done here?

Monday, April 25, 2011

(UPDATED) Patrick McEnroe wants an apology and gets one - so are we done here?

So Patrick McEnroe held a conference call with the media today to discuss - WHAT ELSE? - the controversy involving Donald Young and his now-infamous 'FUCK' tweet about the USTA. Essentially, he goes through in detail the help the USTA has given Donald over the years including coaching, wild cards and "substantial" grant money, though he wouldn't divulge how much (I'd LOVE to know the amount - wouldn't you?) PMac also says an apology is in order which he apparently got today. Rachel over at OnTheGoTennis has the full transcript which is longer than long so pop on over there if you're interested and have an hour of five to spare. Also, if you'd like to get a glimpse into baller development and assistance USTA-style then it's worth a read.

Here's my quick take on the brouhardyha: I think both sides looked foolish for airing their dirty laundry. From a PR perspective (for which I have years of experience) it's a complete and utter FAIL. Donald looks like the stereotypically spoiled and entitled pro athlete while the USTA and PMac look petty for going tit-for-tat with Donald in the public arena. Unfortunately, perception can sometimes substitute for reality in the media. Perhaps the USTA felt the need to go public since there was supposedly no communication going into or leaving the Young camp about this situation. In any case, neither side comes out looking great here.

Hopefully this drama is finally over and done now that they've kissed and made up. Oh yes, and this: Congrats Tim Smyczek on winning the wild card - BONNE CHANCE!!

UPDATE: Here's Diane Pucin's full article on the apology for the LA Times.

UPDATE #2: He speaks! Donald, that is. 

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  1. Another "SuperBrat" in Patrick's life ;) Poor Patrick. Donald and family are clearly a handful.
    Yes...we should be done now.

  2. Yeah, Karin, what a way to show your appreciation. I just wish PMac and the USTA didn't feel the need to hold the press conference and go at it in a public forum. But it exposed some flaws in the development/assistance program and their PR/Communications. They all have work to do.

    Okay, I'm done now too lol.

  3. Frankly, I would have expected the USTA to take the high road on this one, but seeing as PMac is the Head of Player Development, I realised that the possibility of that happening was minimal at best and non-existent at worst.

    For some reason my sympathies lie with Donald Young. His tweet was the pent up frustration of a young man whose potential in a sport dominated by big men and who was once seen as the saviour of American tennis is there for all to see. He had been compared to JMac because of his game and when you see players who are not as talented as he was being able to hit their way through opponents and win titles, I can understand his frustration.

    The game of tennis is less about finesse and more about power and spin. It is not only on the men's tour but the women's tour as well. There is no longer any place for a player who plays a Hingis type game. It is all about the baseline etc., and therein lies the problem. Courts are slower. Balls are heaving. Racquets are bigger. String technology has taken over the sport. What is a guy like Young to do except vent his frustration at his federation. As a famous player whose game is now getting to be one of the dinosaurs "Its a pity"


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