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Saturday, April 9, 2011

FASHION FIX: Jankovic 'blossoming' in game and style

So I got my first real glimpse at the new ANTA number Jelena Jankovic debuted in Charleston while watching her pummel the young American, Christina McHale, 6-2, 6-0. She'll battle current World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki for a spot in the tourney final.

It's a green floral tank dress with fluorescent green straps - a sharp detour from dresses the Chinese brand had been giving JJ to wear which tended to be - what's the word? - BORING. She was asked about the new design in a post-match presser and gave a JJ-style answer:
It’s a nice color for spring, and I have these flowers so it’s kind of like the spring blossom. I’m blossoming.

'Blossoming' would be the appropriate word since her game seems to be turning a corner these days. But back to the important stuff. If I'm being honest I don't like it from an aesthetic point-of-view; I don't find it visually appealing. The flowers are okay but the top part of the dress with strapping looks very strange. However, the cut is spot on and shows off that enviable bod (does she look fitter to anyone else?) and it's definitely more fun and loud which reflects her personality more than the dresses she's been wearing lately. And she's right - it's very spring.

So I'm a bit torn on this one. But hey, JJ's having fun again so that's a HUGE plus.

P.S. - Check out Bobby Chintapalli's Q & A with the Serb for

[Photo(s): AP, Getty Images]
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