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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TIMELINE: Murray making changes in coaching line up

Andy Murray's coaching sitch is in a bit of flux again. He's completely slumptastic at the moment and needs a restart. I think we can all agree on that one. But, the news of a potential coaching switch-a-roo is happening fast so here's a quick timeline to catch you up...

March 25: Falls to 118th ranked Alex Bogomolov in Miami losing his third straight match post-OZ and going 0-9 in sets dating back to the final loss to Novak Djokovic.

March 28: Rumors begin to circulate online about Ivan Lendl's interest in the top coaching post; the 8-time Grand Slammer informally reaches out to the Muzz camp The Guardian confirms.

March 29: Brother Jamie says to The Times of London via BBC reporting: "If he goes (down that) route, you have to give your trust to that person. You have to let your guard down a bit and listen...Andy could do with some advice from the right person...He is good enough to get to that next level, but he needs that something extra that's missing. It's a mental thing, he has all the ability in the world." Ouch, but most likely the truth. He would know, no?

Then, part-time coach Alex Corretja gets the boot as Mama Murray tweets: "No more Andy n Alex C :( gr8 guy, gr8 player, gr8 coach, gr8 fun. Will miss him." Sal y pimienta HAWTNESS is gone. *sad face*

And finally The Times' tennis scribe Neil Harman has a strange night and tweets: "Had a very vivid dream last night that Boris Becker became AM's coach - I did dream it, didn't I?" Yes, Neil, you dreamed a dream.

I guess it's your move, Muzz. If anything is confirmed I'll make sure to update this post so stay tuned!

[Photo(s): Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]
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