Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) QUOTE OF THE DAY: Ana Ivanovic

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Anyway, I think for guys it's much worse watching women's tennis than us watching men's…

- Ana Ivanovic when asked about compatriot Novak Djokovic watching her defeat Kimiko Date-Krumm 6-4, 6-2 in the second round at Indian Wells

Clearly the truth doesn't hurt NaturAna.

UPDATE: Nole's looking for a little payback, literally (via FB) - "Did my coaching well last night :-) Bravo Ana,you played well. Nothing is for free though. Getting my 75% of her prize money :-)"

Uh, should I be surprised he's a serial smiley face abuser? Strike one AND two.

[Photo(s): Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]
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  1. I am sorry, but did she really say that? If she did, that is a low blow to a sport that has been the life blood of many female athletes. Is she saying that women's tennis is boring compared to men's tennis? If that is the case perhaps her clothing sponsor needs to revoke that lifetime contract that she got as a result of sucking so much at a sport that has brought her from the depths of a swimming pool in Serbia. In addition to that if her play is what women's tennis goes by, even fans of women's tennis hate to watch it. For someone who has been No.1 in the world and won a major, she cannot even toss a ball consistently in the air and hit it and she is unable to think her way through a complete match without calling down someone court side to hold her hand. So yeah Ana, it is not only the men who may not like watching women's tennis. Idiot

  2. Yup, she said it. You know, you rarely see pro male ballers watching women's tennis unless they're supporting someone. But you do see women watching the men as support and to pick up pointers for their game. So in that sense she's onto something.

    But yes it does show what NaturAna thinks about the women's game in relation to men's tennis. Like you said hilariously, I hope she realizes she's part of the problem.

  3. Rich, I doubt the idiot even realises it. She seems to be oblivious to what is even happening around her and she strikes me as one of those women who need a man to validate even their very existence.

    Quite sad actually.

  4. Well said, Tennis Ace....really disappointing comment from Ana. I personally don't think she brings much to the sport...I think other ballers who can grit their way through matches with flair, spins, angles(Schiavone, Stosur...even Wozza!) are much more interesting to watch than Ana and her ridiculous fist pumping, gesticulations, and stares to her box.
    I feel that Ana needs to learn how to think for herself... she will blithely smile her way through anything, whether it be some meaningless bikini shoot or interview.



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