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Saturday, January 16, 2010

FASHION FIX: Shrieka and body twin help Nike launch Maria Sharapova Collection

Nike has announced the launch of the Maria Sharapova Collection with a video news release starring the Russian superstar and her body form twin made from a computerized, 3-D scan of her body (tongues in, boys - and girls.)

For the first time the fashion worn by the 3-time Grand Slammer will be available to the masses through Nike retail and online. She'll unveil seven dresses throughout the season which she helped to design along with a number of tank + skirt combos.

The collection will makes its debut at next week's Australian Open with this lightweight, two layer blue dress (though it looks more green in the video) with printed overlay worn by Shrieka along with the Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso gold earrings for accent of course. A number of young WTA stars have also agreed to wear the collection over the season including Taiwan's Kai-Chen Chang, Germany's Julia Goerges, Russia's Anastasia Pirovarova, and U.S. baller Madison Keys.

I love the color including the contrasting gold tie and the fit looks perfect for Shrieka. But I'm not sold on the printed overlay just yet. At the moment it seems like a design afterthought: "Well, we have some extra sheer printed fabric and the dress is a bit plain. Uh, I KNOW..." and the overlay was born. We'll see how it looks on TV in motion.

A closer look at the dress design elements below with the full VNR to follow...

[VNR via Nike]

Helping Haiti: Federer brings top ballers together to raise funds for relief efforts

Roger Federer has organized an mixed-doubles exhibition ahead of this year's Australian Open to support the relief efforts in Haiti.

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters and Sam Stosur have agreed to join the world's top baller on Sunday in raising funds for the survivors of Tuesday's devastating earthquake which has claimed tens of thousands of lives already.

“I had the idea we could do something to help Haiti after the tragic earthquake. So, I spoke to some other top players ... they said ‘yes, we should do something’," said Federer.
He also took to his Facebook page to announce the event with Rafa following suit on his:
We play an exhibition match at Melbourne Park tomorrow to help the victims in Haiti. Roger's idea, he texted me and I thank him for that. It is at 2 pm so we hope that you can come so that we raise money also with your help. IT's a few of us, not just Roger and me. also Novak, Kim, Lleyton, Andy,... Roger's idea, great one!. You have to come! Don't forget!
A-Rod, ReRe + Kimmie took to Twitter to spread the word.

The event will take place at 2pm local time and tickets will be $10 for adults and free for children under 12. Make it if you can and support the cause!

[Photo(s): PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images]

Friday, January 15, 2010

Must Be Melbourne: Rafa shirtless practice - was it worth the wait? (duh)

I really don't feel the need say much about a shirtless, sweaty Rafael Nadal finally giving us what we've been waiting for in Melbourne.

Just revel in it.

*double drool*

[Photo(s): AP]

FASHION FIX: adidas by Stella McCartney keeps Wozniacki dusty + drab for Oz Open

Here's the new adidas by Stella McCartney get up Caroline Wozniacki will be wearing as she goes for her maiden major at the Australian Open next week.

She'll be working the Tennis Performance Dress ($150) in alloy (which is a light grey-blue colorway) featuring an embroidered floral motif on front paired with the biker-style Tennis Performance Hooded Jacket ($175) in slate green featuring a plethora of zippers, pockets and flaps.

To help with all those miles she'll be racking up playing her counter-punching (some would say "moonballing") style Wozzi will be wearing the Lucrari Tennis Performance Shoe ($185) in running white, aluminium + apollo. These trainers are based on the uber-popular adidas Barricade V's.

This dress has a much better fit + silhouette for Wozzi than the Tennis Dress she wore to last season's US Open and beyond which many of you despised. Add to this the embroidered floral motif and the whole look gives her a much needed feminine touch. However, they continue to outfit the fair-skinned Dane in colors that are dusty + drab which makes her look, uh, dusty + drab.

You're almost there Stella McCartney. Almost.

For a closer look at the pieces click here. AND, for a closer look at Wozzi's unshaven stems click here. Nice work adidas.


PUT A CAP ON IT: Reeshard

After resolving his recent off-court issues Richard Gasquet is one win away from capturing his first title in over 2 years - allez! He'll face a resurgent Marcos Baghdatis who edged out Mardy Fish 6-4, 6-7(7), 7-6(5) in the final.

So I don't know if Reeshard is in pain, in need of a bathroom break, or is in pain because he needs to use the bathroom like REALLY badly.

WTH is going on here?!

[Photo(s): AP]

PHOTO OP: She totally deserves this win

"...but I AM happy for her. I'm smiling. See?"

Once again, Elena Dementieva got the best of Serena Williams in Sydney. Could it be a good sign for next week's Australian Open? Well, not exactly.

The Russian knocked the apparently injured top seed all around the court grabbing a convincing 6-3, 6-2 win ahead of the year's first major. Last season, after winning in Auckland a week earlier Elena crushed ReRe 6-3, 6-1 in the final four here and entered Oz as one of the faves to take the title. Unfortunately she get her arse spanked by the 11-time Grand Slammer 6-3, 6-4 in the semifinals of Melbourne ending her hopes of a first major championship.

For her part, the world's top lady baller preferred to blame the loss not on the injury to her left knee but on her unforced errors...oh, and Elena's good play of course.
“I made about a thousand and two unforced errors … it’s better now than later, I guess. I was struggling a little bit, but, you know, I hate to make any excuse. I think she definitely deserves all the credit for what she did.”
Classic. I wonder how severe this injury is to her surgically repaired knee, though. It's certainly not the way she wants to go into the defense of her title. Elena, however, has other things to worry about Down Under besides ReRe - like a possible showdown with Justine Henin in Round 2.

[Photo(s): GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

VIDEO VAULT: Roddick gets bragging rights on Blake's booty

Just a few thoughts on this hilarious Andy Roddick moment from a recent practice session in Melbourne:

1. He's on a roll with vids.

2. I'd lose a bet to him. On purpose.

3. Blake & Co. look a little too comfortable in that position.


Question: Is Aravave Rezai reacting this way because of the outfit she chose to wear this week in Sydney or her collapse against Serena Williams in the semifinals today?

Answer: Please let it be a little bit of both.

The Frenchie held a set and a 5-2 lead over the world's top lady baller before feeling her own nerves and ReRe's better play, going down 3-6, 7-5, 6-4. Oops. The American will face Elena Dementieva, who crushed Victoria Azarenka, in tomorrow's final.

They both seemed to downplay the match with some interesting tidbits from the post-match pressers:

“For me, she was not too impressive,” Rezai said. “Of course she’s a good player, of course I respect her. But I could have won today. I wasn’t impressed. Probably it was more difficult for her to play against me. I know she’s a fighter but I am also a fighter."

"Today I lost. Probably next time I will win.”
"Was I down that far? I didn’t even realize,” Williams said. “I don’t think she lost her way at all. I felt like I literally lifted my game at that point, because I knew I was going to be headed to Melbourne if I didn’t. I kept thinking, ‘I want to get a little more practice, and I’d hate for it to end now.”’
It must be nice to know that while you're fighting for an important tourney win and a victory over a future Hall of Famer, she's looking at you as just another nameless, faceless practice partner.

But you have other things to be sad about A-Rez like this outfit. I mean, what is with this get up? After staring at it for a while (fine, 5 seconds is all it took) in disbelief, her cocktail number from last season has me wishing for more of that thing.

Word of advice Frenchie: it's never good to use hand-me-down material from other lady baller outfits espesh ones worn by Bethanie Mattek-Sands. TRUST.

[Photo(s): AP]

(UPDATED) Must Be Melbourne: Shirtless practices begin for Del Potro and Roddick

"These balls have some funk."

I figured these shirtless baller shots were as good a place as any to start back up. And so I am.

The latest member of the shirtless brigade, Juan Martin del Potro, was spotted at Melbourne Park today grabbing a practice hit ahead of next week's Australian Open. The Argentine was forced to withdraw from his match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the Kooyong warm up with a wrist injury though it doesn't seem to be bothering him here.

Who knew Delpo had a full-on body carpet? It seems to run from head, to face, to neck, to body, to *blank* (I'm guessing), to toe (I'm still guessing.) I'd like proof on those last two areas however.

Andy Roddick, who possibly inspired two female koalas to go gay for him, was also seen getting his shirtless practice on at the venue. He's even selling a stuffed koala via his website so you too can share a piece of that action. Don't lie - you know you want to.

Anyway, enjoy A-Rod's shirtless shots.

UPDATE: Thanks to xeres18 for sending links over of Carlos Moya + Fernando Gonzalez in all their shirtless glory. Now back to your regularly scheduled droolfest already in progress...

[Photo(s): PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images]

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