Google Down the Line!: Buh-bye, Carlos

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buh-bye, Carlos

The former World No. 1 takes a bow.


[Photo(s): AP]
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  1. *passes Kleenex to Richie*
    So long, Charlie. Are you sure you don't want to strip and streak around the court before you go? Please??

  2. Yes please. The ultimate swan song for fans.

  3. Just back from the O2 in London. After the singles there was a lovely presentation to Carlos Moya and almost all the players and some 'past' winners came out to honour him. Rafa made a speech..a little in English, mostly in Spanish and then there was a mass photo session with lots of 'man hugs' and back slapping all round.
    Yes, of course Roger was there...he and Rafa chatting in the line-up like a couple of naughty school boys!!!

  4. Oh, tennis fan, I'm so sorry I missed that. Where are your pictures for us? LOL.

    I understand they gave Carlos a ceremony on Mallorca as well.

    That's a beautiful shot of him, Rich.


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