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Thursday, October 14, 2010

(UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Suit claims Roger Federer involved in illegal betting

Was Roger Federer involved in illegal betting?

So says a lawsuit filed by Agate Printing, Inc. against Theodore Forstmann, owner of IMG and the home to the Swiss superstar's management.

The suit alleges a number of actions by Forstmann not only involving Fed but Tiger Woods as well. The item involving Fed, though, claims Forstmann raised his bet on the 2006 Roland Garros final from $10,000 to $40,000 after receiving "inside information" from the 16-time Grand Slammer. Fed lost that final to Rafael Nadal.

"The allegations in James Agate's complaint are beyond false, they are preposterous," said Michael Sitrick, rep for Forstmann. "Unfortunately, people like Agate look at people like Forstmann as the lottery." The printing company already has admitted to lying and spreading false rumors about the IMG head in a letter sent in April 2009.

Agate, who, according to TMZ, filed the claim due to a breach in contract by Forstmann and because he left tax liabilities on Agate brought on by gambling losses (how the hell does THAT happen?) seems to think they can really hurt Forstmann this time by dragging two of his biggest clients and two of the most recognizable athletes on the planet into the lawsuit. At the very least, they'll get the public's attention. But that's probably about it.

UPDATE: Fed responds to the allegations during his post-match presser in Shanghai today (around 6:10) saying "Since it involves my name, somewhere out there, I know it's 100% not true...":

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  1. Maybe this suit has merit. I think that was the year Roger locked me in the shower with Rafa. ;)

  2. natch: I think you're getting confused with the year I locked you in the shower with both Rafa and Roger. And you let me watch. Happily, I might add.

  3. Oh, that's right. I am moving next week and I think I have left bits and pieces of my brain in each box I am frantically packing. I think I still owe you proceeds from the video sales. Or would you rather have the vid of me, Rafa, SpankMe Stefanki, Carlos Ramos, Ben Kingsley and lots of chocolate? ;)

  4. Oh! Good luck on the move. I hope all goes smoothly (like it EVAH does.)

    You know me. Anything to do with chocolate is a keeper.


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