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Friday, September 24, 2010

Letter to DtL readers: It's the PoconOpen

Happy Friday y'all! I'm leaving the concrete jungle for a weekend away in the Poconos with Kalil and some friends. It'll be a few days filled with good eats and drinks mixed in with some tennis and hot tubbing. But it's also like culture shock going from car alarms to crickets.

Obvs, I won't be posting over the next few days - not that I post much over the weekend anyway.

So I'll leave you in the brilliant hands of Nicki Minaj while I'm gone. Hopefully she'll make you feel all warm and gooey inside the way I do (I do, don't I???)

And as always, thanks for reading and supporting DtL!

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  1. Buh-bye, Richie! Have fun and be safe! Don't forget your snorkel. ;)
    I hear you on those crickets. Give me alarms and sirens and loud drunks any day.

  2. Now I never said there wouldn't be loud drunks over there. I don't want to be completely home sick.


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