Google Down the Line!: Djokovic shows his loyalty in sickness and in health

Friday, September 17, 2010

Djokovic shows his loyalty in sickness and in health

A surprise to probably no one, Novak Djokovic, who admitted this week he was exhausted from his US Open campaign where he reached the final, was forced to pull out of his opening round Davis Cup rubber against Radek Stepanek with a stomach flu. He'll be replaced by Victor Troicki when Serbia faces the Czech Republic for a spot in the Davis Cup final this weekend.

Huge credit to Nole for even making the trip and attempting to lead his team after Flushing Meadows. He could've pulled out but decided it more important to represent his country in such a huge moment. I'm not sure if he can recover or even be in decent shape in time to play his second rubber. But either way it shows a real commitment and dedication to his team. His awesomeness continues to grow in my opinion.

Visit the Davis Cup website to find out the latest scores.

[Photo(s): AP]
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  1. Aw, sad. Blogger won't recognize my old barcelona name. lol guess it's time to get busy again.

    I'm so happy for Nole for continuing to have that fighting heart and spirit, and to have come through that DC weekend with a win. It would have been just too crushing to have a loss like that back to back.

  2. Aw, really? That's total suckage.

    Yeah, hopefully it'll take some of the sting away.


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