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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

(UPDATED) DEVELOPING: Azarenka collapes during second round match at US Open

Victoria Azarenka was rushed to the hospital after collapsing during her second round match at the US Open today. She was trailing Gisela Dulko 1-5 in the first set when she fell to the ground.

There haven't been any updates on the cause of her collapse or her current condition as of yet. As soon as more information is released I will update this post.

It was another day of searing heat at Flushing Meadows with temperatures expected to reach the mid-90's with high humidity. And, believe me, after dealing with it yesterday I can tell you it's BRUTAL. Although we don't know if it was the heat that caused Vika to fall, please take precautions and stay hydrated if you are visiting the Open this week.

Here's video of the moment Vika fell to the court (not sure what the strange video game music is all about...) edit: I found a better video of the incident

UPDATE #1: The Washington Post blog The Early Lead is reporting Vika received treatment from a trainer for an arm injury and complained of blurry vision.

UPDATE #2: USTA statement via Jon Wertheim: "She was taken to a nearby hospital for diagnostic testing. Out of respect to her privacy, we can not give any more details. However, we can say that this does not seem to be primarily a heat-related illness." They also mentioned "headache-like symptoms." Okay, vague - even a bigger mystery now. But apparently she had fallen during an earlier practice and had the medical staff alerted during the Dulko match.

UPDATE #3: Vika diagnosed with a mild concussion. She fell in the gym while doing sprints and hit her arm and head.

[Photo(s): Getty Images]
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  1. the video game music is someone's attempt at humor, i.e., "game over"


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