Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Rafael Nadal draws a crowd wherever he goes

Monday, August 9, 2010

VIDEO VAULT: Rafael Nadal draws a crowd wherever he goes

Over the weekend Rafael Nadal took part in the draw ceremony for the Rogers Cup in Toronto. The world's top baller rode an elevator to the top of the CN Tower to participate in the event which was broadcast live on, the new online home for Tennis Canada. He answered questions from the media about his game and his season so far.

Afterward the Mallorcan Matador was flown via helicopter to the Rexall Center where he took in a late hit with German baller Michael Berrer.

And, of course, the HAWTNESS factor at the Rogers Cup was taken to its ultimate limit with the highly-anticipated doubles pairing of the Rafa + Novak Djokovic aka Rafole. The two met up on the practice court over the weekend for some footie fun in front of fans. It's the first time the World's No.1 + No. 2 ranked ballers have come together for doubs duty since then top-ranked Jimmy Connors paired with second-ranked Arthur Ashe 34 years ago.

I wonder if Rafole's worked out a post-point celebratory dance a la the Bryan Brothers. If not, no worries. I've got a few body bumps they could use during their matches. But I'll need to teach them myself. Privately, of course.


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  1. 2nd vid: I want to push Rafa in the water and commit coition.

    3rd vid: Security thinks he's Secret Service, doesn't he? God forbid another person steals a ball..or two. ;)

  2. Rafole for the win! Lets hope the broadcasters catch up on it and put the match on TV. I know a bunch of girls and guys who'd LOVE to see them play with each other... ;)

    btw, full 8 minute clip of their little session (with bonus shirtless Rafa :DDD )

  3. "(with bonus shirtless Rafa :DDD )"

    Have I told you lately how much I love you? ;)

  4. @ The Skinny: Many thanks for the Rafole long form vid!

    @ natch: You give your love so freely. Now I'm officially jelly.


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