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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PHOTO OP: The Rafole doubles debut was short but the Rafolove was sweet


Rafole made their mouth-watering doubles debut last night at the Rogers Cup and although they own a combined 9 Grand Slam titles they were no match for the power of Canadian wild cards Vasek Pospisil + Milos Raonic. The pair defeated their infinitely more famous foes 5-7, 6-3, 10-8.

Regardless of this outcome Rafole was a huge PR win for Rafa (like he needed it), Nole (it couldn't hurt) and the Rogers Cup (let's count the cash!) I don't think anyone expected them to get far in their draw, but the media and fan attention the pairing brought to the tourney is priceless.

Unfortunately I, along with many disappointed fans, was unable to watch any live action because streams were unavailable to the masses. If you really need to see some action from the match, though, a reader over at Nadal News recorded some TV footage with their iPhone. Now that's Rafolove for you.

Two more images from Rafole's match below!



[Photo(s): Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]
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  1. I bet those crazy Canucks went wild when their boys Popsicle and Whoever won!

    It did suck not to be able to watch that. Why would Tennis Channel feel an old Roddick match was more important? Is anyone who works there an actual FAN of tennis?
    Thanks for the NN news, Richie. I'm heading that way right now!
    *dashes off*

  2. Of course, natch! Yeah, it's weird to have a pairing so hyped and yet nowhere to watch it. Very strange for the tourney not to figure something out - even if they streamed it on that new Tennis Canada site.


  3. Wow I didn't know this wasn't streamed live on the net...'cause being in Canada (I AM from Toronto, actually, & will be watching the semis later this week), this was on TV. =P Having said that, you'd be surprised at the crowd reaction last night. I was totally expecting a one-sided cheer fest like natch described, but nope, it turned out there were so many Rafole fans out there (well, obviously) at times they felt more like the crowd favourites. I found it amusing but also felt a bit bad for the homeboys who didn't really get much love until the

    Anyway, the match was interesting, if only to see how Rafa did much of the work & Nole was just kinda lost, lol. It was definitely a great experiment & they looked to have enjoyed it despite the result.


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