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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's like old times with me and Andy Murray and yet it's not!

Dear Muzz,

You + me? We're good again. No, really. It's what I imagine the future Will & Grace reunion will feel like with you as the ginger-haired, flighty straight-as-an-arrow bestie to my neurotic, hard-ass-on-the-outside-with-mushy-insides raven-haired gaybie (though delete white boy and insert brown. That's just a fact. Deal.)

You know I always thought you had the goods to be the best yet somehow it just never came together. Maybe it was mental or maybe those others were finally onto you. But I was so thoroughly impressed and excited by the game you flaunted in Toronto which seems to have been given a shot of aggression and belief at the most opportune time.

I also wondered how you would deal without having a coach and all the talk and media attention surrounding your recent divorce from Coach Miles Maclagan (may his hawtness always be wet) and Alex Corretja (Spaniards are forever sexy - but how?) Then I saw Momma Judy a.k.a Coach for Now in your baller box being her usual stoic, tough-as-nails self, pumping you up and urging you on to one victory after another. She's the one constant in all of this change who probably knows your game better than anyone. I felt relieved.

And what about those victories over the likes of a resurgent David Nalbandian, whose 11-match winning streak you snapped by the way, top seed and the world's top baller Rafael Nadal and, in the final, Roger Federer, who won your last three battles? Fucking brilliant! Oh, and you didn't even drop a set. Crazy! It's like I don't even know you anymore, at least the Muzz of late who hadn't played any real tennis to speak of since the Australian Open in January when he got steamrolled by Fed in the final.

You seemed free this week. Free to play the game you kinda knew you could play but never believed in when it mattered. Free from too many coach's voices telling you this thing and that. Free to fail. That's right. You played like you weren't afraid to lose yet you showed such determination to win. And look - you even smiled that snaggle-toothed smile during the trophy ceremony (FYI - I hear Juan Martin del Potro has an awesome dentist.)

I'm glad we've come back together. It's giving me goose bumps just thinking about the great times ahead. Oh, and good luck on the rest of the U.S. Open Series and at Flushing Meadows, though by the looks of it you may not need luck. But it never hurts!



P.S. Ever think about giving your Coach for Now a raise? I think she may have earned at least a bonus for Toronto. And, she knows where you live. Just a thought.

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  1. Agree Rich! :-) I was ready to jump ship on his career, but now I am squarely (or gayly) back on board! Go Andy!

  2. Then you'll also love this Rich:


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