Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Melanie Oudin to showcase "COURAGE" adidas style

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FASHION FIX: Melanie Oudin to showcase "COURAGE" adidas style

Here's a look at the new, customized adidas Barricades 6.0 Melanie Oudin will be working during her campaign at this year's US Open. The 18-year old, who's "BELIEVE" kicks made headlines during her thrilling run to her first Grand Slam quarterfinal last season, designed them herself at and chose the word "COURAGE" this time around.

“The reason I chose the word COURAGE is because in order to believe you have to have the courage to do so,” said Mels. “Courage to me means playing with no fear and going for it no matter what. You can believe in yourself so much but unless you have the courage to go on the court and put yourself on the line every time you won't make it. You need courage and belief to make it to the top.

I'm liking this color combo much better than last year's for sure. Let's hope Mels, who's entering Flushing Meadows on a 4-match losing streak and carrying a huge bag of ranking points on her back, will somehow let her game do the talking as well.

Visit for more details on how to make your own customized pair.

[Photo(s): adidas]
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  1. When I see "courage" on her shoes, I'm going to think of the Willie Nelson song in "Wag the Dog". Then I'm going to laugh. Mel likes to talk the talk, but let's see her walk the walk. It was great to see her surprise everyone last year, but she has done nothing to back it up. This year's USO should be prime for her to go reasonably far if she can walk like she talks.

    I do like the purple outfit she's got on. Maria could take a lesson from the "keep it simple, Stupid" line of fashion thinking. ;)


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