Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Maria Sharapova goes deep purple for New York night time

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FASHION FIX: Maria Sharapova goes deep purple for New York night time

Here's the Nike dress Maria Sharapova will be wearing for her night matches at this year's US Open to go along with her Betty Draper-style day dress. She talked a little bit about it at the evian event yesterday and, true to her word, it is a deep purple.

The updated collars are similar but the buttons on front and at the hem are gone, the front features more of a bustier versus the flap-over, and the skirt isn't as billowy - a sleeker more body conscious look for those matches under the bright lights of New York.

I definitely prefer this dress over the day version in fit, style and color. But again, we'll wait and see what it looks like on the Russian glamazon.

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  1. I agree - this is much bettter than the day dress. But will it look good on anyone besides Maria? In other words - will I find a bunch of these on the sale rack at Tennis Express in 6 weeks?

  2. Most likely. But in all honesty, relative to their core products Nike doesn't produce many of these special products. It's just about branding and saying their innovative and relevant. They really don't think they'll sell these out even in limited quantities, though that would be great.

    Plus, these partnerships (Maria getting to be a "designer" with her own "collection") help to solidify their relationships with the ballers, sell sponsorships, etc.

  3. Nope, not liking this one at all. The colour is too bold for her colouring. It would look better on someone like Cirstea or any of the players with a darker hue but not quite so dark, i.e. olive skinned players. Maria needs a tan and how.

    Is it just me or does most of the designs have a same-ness about them? I am sure I have seen the collar and skirt before.

  4. The reveal happened -- she wore it to the Nike promo

    The fit is hideous -- I just don't get how Nike could get it this wrong repeatedly with her??? The straps were bulging out in back and that upward puckering around the waste is not doing anything for her figure. Does she have too much input, not enough designers/seamstresses on hand??? It has just been one disaster after another.

    I actually can’t stand Shrieka, but I would kill for her body (well, perhaps it would only be worth murder with a bit more of an endowment ;). And, if I did have her figure, I certainly wouldn't let it go to waste in these fugly outfits...

    Oh Shrieka, a fine for waste is going to be added to all your fashion crime fines.

    At least it looks hopeful with that year end championship outfit. Of course, there is still plenty of time for her to find a way to screw that up....

  5. She may have a great body but for some reason she does not wear clothes very well. She has really wide shoulders and no hips. She also has these bulging lumps of fat under her armpits so anything she wears tends to emphasise these little foibles that we all have on our bodies.

    The bottom part of the dress is just fugly. She should either go to school and learn how to design or at least have some idea as to what fits her body type. I suggest a trip to one of those upscale department store ladies' department where they will fit you and show you what your body type truly is.


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