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Thursday, August 26, 2010

FASHION FIX: A closer look at Rafael Nadal + Roger Federer's US Open Nike numbers

Here are the duds Nike debuted for Rafael Nadal + Roger Federer last night at the Primetime Knockout Event. Let's take a peek, shall we?

For his day matches Tron will be working the Fall Vamos Court Crew ($65) in hot lime - how fitting - and, to the pleasure of many fans and Brad Gilbert, an all-black look for night. It's the first time he'll be working a full-on black kit at the US Open or anywhere else on tour. So should we crown him Darth Rafa? Uh, not sold on it. I'll stick with Tron.

Both tops are paired with the Fall Vamos Woven Short ($60).

He'll be tearing up the Flushing Meadow DecoTurf blue courts with his fave Air Court Ballistecs 2.3 ($120) in white with lime for day and lime with black for night. It was the global sports brand's intention to keep Tron in all-black at night to highlight these sneaks. And it worked.

Nike has moved 5-time US Open champ Roger Federer in a decidedly different direction from the Spaniard by outfitting him in more classic pieces inspired by the blue collar/white collar shirts that personify New York. Traditional menswear elements including the windowpane collar treatment and stripe are also highlighted.

The Swiss will be working the Victory RF Court Polo ($80) in football blue for day and dark obsidian navy at night matched with the Victory RF Tennis Shorts (about $39 - UK) in dark khaki and dark obsidian navy, respectively.

The 16-time Grand Slammer will be continue with the Lunar Vapor Tour ($120) in white with football blue for day and white with dark obsidian navy for night.

I think it's a smart move for Nike to return to the days of giving Rafa + Fed more distinct looks. There was a moment last season when the two started to dress too similarly - it seemed like Rafa was getting outfitted by Fed. Can imagine that scene? *visualizes...lulz*

Anyway, this direction keeps their individuality and plays well to their personalities. Me likey.

[Photo(s): Nike]
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  1. I love the photograph of Rafa! (Except for the shoes.)
    The outfit? I'll have to wait and see it in person. The night shoes are definitely wrong. If you are going black, then the shoes should be black with green accents, no the reverse. But then, wth do I know? Fashion is soooo not my thing. I just knows what I likes. :)
    I agree that "Darth Rafa" is not going to work. From what I remember from 1977, DV didn't wear day-glo.

    I really like Federer's dark blue number. I like the day togs, too, but I am not a big fan of brown. I guess I'll wait and see that, too.

    Thanks for the peek-a-boo, Richie. Always a thrill. ;)
    *waves buh-bye*
    *blows kisses*

  2. Rog is boring as always. Love Rafa's nightime look...I think the shoes will pop!

  3. I second ThickGirl, Rog's togs are such a snoozefest. Loving Rafa's kit, i just hope they shorten the hem on the shorts a wee bit. The Lacoste shorts, which i believe are now the shortest on tour for the men, looked great on Jeremy Chardy, and even Portly Stan Wawrinka's legs looked awesome in those shorts. Give us some thigh porn Nike...please!!

  4. My only requirement for Rafa's shirt is that it clinges tiiiightly to his body when he starts sweating! :D - followed by a shirt change of course. *giggles like a school girl*

    Just kidding. Of course.

    The black & lime is gonna look hawt on Rafa. This boy knows how to work a color. (Not pink though. Shame.) Darth Rafa? Darth Bull? Whatever his name, I digg it. :p

    As for Rog? Y-A-W-N.
    The day dress looks like FO from some years ago. A yellow blue polo for Fed? How innovative, Nike. I get that Fed is not one to switch things up, but... If you get Shrieka to wear all those outrageous stuff, don't you think you could put a new twist to Roger's looks just once in the blue moon? A surprising pop of color, perhaps?

  5. *** I meant night outfit, not day dress. Silly me

  6. Nadal seems to be having snuggie issues...


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