Google Down the Line!: BREAKING NEWS: Fernando Verdasco has his shirt on (for GQ!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Fernando Verdasco has his shirt on (for GQ!)


Just a quick note to Down the Line! readers: Posting may be slow to non-existent for the next few days as I prepare for my LP, Kalil's, 4.0 Birthday Bash at our spot in Brooklyn, NY. It's a full-on black + white themed PAWTY with his BFF DJing out back. So, suffice it to say, I have my mitts full with preparations and set up.

I'm totally psyched for next week, though, and should be able to provide you guys some great coverage from a few of the major pre-US Open events as well as some from the qualies (I might pop in mid-week and maybe over the weekend.) So make sure to follow me on Twitter @RawUncutTennis by clicking here and/or follow on Facebook here.

In the meantime I leave you an actually fully-clothed *sad face* Fernando Verdasco who seems more at home in this September GQ spread shot in the Madrid-Barajas' Terminal 4 than Andy Murray does in Vogue. Or maybe I'm just favoring the Spanish chorizo's thigh-busting beauty and then some in these high-fashion shots (no really, check out the total package in the very bottom right photo. Calvin Klein knows what's up.)

Thanks as always to the almighty @julesdc for the tip off!


[Photos: GQ via Kenneth in the 212]
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  1. Happy Birthday, Kalil!
    *blows kiss*

    Have fun, Richie!
    *blows kisses*


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