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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ana Ivanovic gets the final say in Montreal brouhardyha

Shot. Dead.

The Rogers Cup made the fatal mistake of coughing up a wild card at the eleventh hour to a lady baller they royally pissed off - that being Ana Ivanovic - and now they're eating their own foot whole.

With Serena Williams pulling out, Venus Williams not a sure bet to show up after injuring her knee and homegirl Stephanie Dubois almost guaranteed a WC as the Canadian No.2, the Montreal tourney made the super smart move of going back on their decision to deny NaturAna and offered the Serb direct entry into the main draw this past Tuesday. Can you guess what she decided? No really, take a guess. Exactly.

The former top lady baller had already made her disappointment known publicly but went into more detail, even accusing the tourney of "stepping over the line" with the comments to the Montreal Gazette and "misrepresenting" their discussion. (via

"I would have loved to have played in Montreal, but I was quite hurt by the comments of Mr Lapierre that I was shown in The Montreal Gazette recently. I don’t think his comments were necessary, and they contradicted everything he had told my management previously: that I was not getting a wild card because I am not Canadian.

"The fact that my original request was turned down isn’t really an issue. I would have been happy to play qualifying, but I felt that they kind of stepped over the line with this interview, making public our correspondence and even misrepresenting it. Unfortunately I don’t feel welcome at this tournament.

"Even though I haven’t played many matches, the training and travel take their toll, and I think this is the right decision to make, for several reasons.

Talk about dumb-dumb. You've already made your decision and made public (though, allegedly, not quite as accurate as you claimed) the reasons why you came to that decision, drawing ire from the baller and her loyal fans. And then you do what? Insert tail between legs and crawl back when you realize you may be lacking in star power or you had one to spare? Pretty pathetic.

I still think they had the right to deny the WC and explain it honestly if asked, but this re-approach was just an embarrassing move by Lapierre and the rest of the Rogers Cup officials. You should've just left well enough alone. The damage was done. And now you may have lost her FOREVAH. Sucks to be you.

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