Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) VIDEO VAULT: Rafa reacts to Spain's World Cup win

Monday, July 12, 2010

(UPDATED) VIDEO VAULT: Rafa reacts to Spain's World Cup win

Here's video of Rafael Nadal, decked out in full-on fanboy entire including head wrap, being interviewed (in Spanish) after Spain won its first World Cup defeating the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time.

"I cried like a little boy," he said to Spanish paper Marca. "We have to celebrate for a whole year, because this is unbelievable. It is very difficult to repeat this.

"It will be crazy at home. Imagine, I was watching the semi-finals in Mallorca and I felt amazing. The whole country must be very proud of the team."

More celebratory interviews over at!

UPDATE: Rafa holding the coveted World Cup trophy...

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  1. THAT'S the trophy they get?!
    *scratches head*
    Honestly, I've got...uhm...*toys* bigger than that. ;)

    I'm giving up on WC. Probably didn't help that I was cheering for the Netherlands. :'(

  2. So Rafa being Spanish and attending the final wasn't enough for you to root for Spain natch? I'm just shocked!

  3. Spanish team itself was a big reason for me to watch. Plus the Dutch. How many times will one get to see such beautiful players on one pitch at the same time? :D

  4. Nope. No Rafalove for Natch in WC. I don't think I even care for WC again after seeing that tiny trophy. It's kind of like thinking you are getting "man-sized love" (remember that song, Richie?) and getting a tickler instead. ;)


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