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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(UPDATED) + TUESDAY NETCORDS: Quick hits from around the grounds

* Rafael Nadal, who is scheduled to return to the practice courts this Thursday according to his site, was spotted with girlfriend Xisca Perello on the green still in vacation mode. You see? His infamous ass-ets are so drool worthy even SHE needs to document them and Xisca's seen them up close and personal, I'm guessing (read: fantasizing.)

* Ana Ivanovic was denied a wild card into Montreal and will need to play qualifying to get into the main draw. The tournament director handed it to homegirl Stephanie Dubois instead and said in a statement, "...she's a player who has done a lot for our tournament - almost saved it one year. She has a lot of charisma. Everyone likes her. But the fact is that she hasn't demonstrated (with her play) that she deserves a wild card. It's not the same as a player who has been injured and away for awhile. ... She is the one who dropped down to No. 65, not because of an injury."

Agreed and not at all disrespectful in my opinion. The truth, no matter how it's said, really does hurt. NaturAna should start playing some tourneys on the ITF Women's Circuit (women's Challengers) and rebuild her game and confidence Agassi-style. She's not one win away from getting her A-game back - she's many wins away. If she really has the goods we'll see her back full-time on the WTA tour. If she doesn't, well...

* TENNIS mags Steve Tignor + Peter Bodo talk tennis fandom: truth vs. modesty and social vs. solitary

* Serena Williams a.k.a. Kandse (which I LOVE and may start calling her) is given some spotlight in this month's Vogue and not for her tennis. The aspiring nail-technician gives writer Marina Rust a manicure and said of a recent nail-fail incident, "One time, I was at Wimbledon, and I was going for this shot, and I fell and broke a nail. I was so mad I stopped the game. I had to focus that anger on the other player, the one that made me break that nail." Geez. I'd hate to see what she did to the person who broke the glass that cut her foot, espesh if it means she'll miss the U.S. Open. You are DEAD.

* Ravi Ubha for tells us who he thinks needs a strong summer including Andy Roddick, Marin Cilic, Victoria Azarenka and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

* 18-time Grand Slammer Martina Navratilova will receive the Eugene L. Scott Award for "her contribution to tennis and commitment to communicating honestly and critically about the game."

* "Without tennis, who am I?" is a pointed and painful question Jennifer Capriati, who's recovering from an accidental prescription overdose, has asked of friend Justin Gimelstob according to an insightful article about the 3-time Grand Slammer by Johnette Howard for Thankfully for all, the answer isn't a 'Celebrity Rehabber'. Double PHEW.

* Thank you Fue Buena for this photo. That is all:

UPDATE: TMZ has more Rafa porn, more specifically the Mallorcan Matador beaching it today!

[Photo(s): Serena Williams - Vogue, Rafael Nadal - Sina Sports, Splash News Online] 

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  1. Deserved Ouch! for Ana. I think she would still get her a$$ kicked on the ITF. Maybe she can go to that club Marat's opening up for Dinara? The one where you do nothing for six months, then come back refreshed? (And everyone else except Dinara also comes back debauched, compliments of the management. ;) )

    Do you think Xisca has made a cyberskin model for when Rafa's away? ;)

  2. If she could find a reason to be out for six months she should take it. Nothing like some time away to put things in perspective and refresh the mind and body. Unfortunately, Dinara isn't taking that road either and she could with her back issues. LOL I'm sure SexGawd is doing a lot of personal interviewing for that club and for the Russian Tennis Federation.

    And about that cyberskin model, I think that's why Xisca's taking that photo - to make a true to life mold of those ass-ets. Nothing like some warm buns to snuggle with when you're lonely. At least that's what I've heard. From people.

  3. It's nice to see that someone doesn't think that it's a crime against humanity that Ana didn't get a wildcard to the RC. She's already got three of them and it's not up to the tournament to give a WC to a player simply because she didn't play well enough to get a high enough ranking into the main draw.

  4. Yeah JF, it's not a crime. It's just reality.

  5. You (blog) always make me smile. Mmua.

  6. Thanks t - SO appreciated!

  7. *zooms in on Rafacrotch*


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