Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Tommy Haas. That is all.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SIGHTING: Tommy Haas. That is all.

Tommy Haas and girlfriend actress Sara Foster were spotted at the Stars Under the Stars gala held at the Los Angeles Tennis Center last night watching Andre Agassi defeat John McEnroe 6-4, 6-2.

Seriously, the man never ages. Or looks bad.  *sigh*

[Photo: Jeff Golden/Getty Images]

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  1. Gah!



    Oh, to pull that sweater up and unzip those dungarees and run fingers through that hair and lick that face simultaneously...;)

    Thanks so much, Richie. That is just what I needed right now. :)

  2. Rich,

    I saw him Saturday night, too! He was about 10 feet away. Felt like slow motion. I turned, felt a light breeze, eye-contact, heart flutter, BOOM. That man packs a punch in person, that's for sho!

    Oddly, so does Sam Querrey. They were standing together. I got double-teamed. Yum.

  3. @natch: I'm here to provide pleasure. Via DtL of course (that's for you Kalil.)

    @erica: Samurai was giving off hawtness?! No. Way. *dying*


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