Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) SIGHTING: Someone needed a vacay and took it

Monday, July 12, 2010

(UPDATED) SIGHTING: Someone needed a vacay and took it

Can you guess the mystery baller who was spotted swimming + sunning near Corsica, France?! Seriously, if you get this wrong you'll need to turn in your tennis fan card.

Answer and additional pictures after the jump!

Why, yes, it's Roger Federer and wifey, Mirka, riding a yacht while taking a much needed vacay after a disappointing stretch which included early losses at Roland Garros + Wimbledon where he failed to defend both of his titles.

Get thee some sun. Super stat.

UPDATE: More pics of RoKa on vacay this time with one of the mangoes, though I'm not sure which of them he's holding here. Blame the twin thing and all.


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  1. *deep breathes*
    "Baby Mango...I AM your father."

    Alright, srsly...I am SO missing the seventies short-shorts right now. Good thing I DVRed that Borg/McEnroe tiebreak.

  2. LMAO it kinda looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi on a Tatooine beach vacay. Geek alert.

  3. Lol Fed looks like a homeless person in this picture

  4. From the pictures, it doesn't really look that Federer is "enjoying" the vacation. I mean, there is no look of relaxation on his face ... it is like he is physically present on the beach, and thats it.

    Not a good thing. Or maybe I'm just over analyzing.

  5. ROFL at the Star Wars comments b/c I thought the exact same thing immediately

    Also, two other words popped to mind - hairy and saggy


  6. ^LOL^ I don't mind a little hair - not a carpet - but some fur is fine. Not on the back, though. Ick. That goes for any sag as well.


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