Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Andy Murray + Kim Sears sun bathe in the Bahamas - but they're not alone

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SIGHTING: Andy Murray + Kim Sears sun bathe in the Bahamas - but they're not alone

Not to be outdone by Rafisca, Andy Murray and the WAG-alicious Kim Sears switched into vacay mode and hit the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for some R + R before the Brit baller resumes training in Miami. (Edit: Looks like he's already there.)

Okay Muzz. You're in a tropical paradise sunning next to your gorgeous, nearly-naked girlfriend (looking sexy in tini-wini white bikini I might add) and what do you do? The very thing that allegedly got you dumped by said gorgeous girlfriend - gaming. Could that be why Kim seems to be searching for something, anything, to do?

Believe me, I understand her predicament (my other half has THE addiction.) It's not easy having a three-way relationship, or four based on Muzz's other apparent addiction:

But she's still right there. Dude. Seriously. Put the devices down and learn to relax. You're on vacay with your girl. They'll still be there when you return to reality. But they won't give you a rub down like she will. Uh-uh.

[Via: Daily Mail via Great Tennis Photos, Photo(s): Splash News]

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  1. Oh, Richie. I can't even read your beautiful words because I'm laughing at how white Andy is. :D
    I promise, I'll read them later. I have to get back to the floor to finish rolling around laughing.

  2. Oh, it's the video game thing. What is up with that and twenty year olds? I can't tell you how many of those boys I teach that have the same problem. It's like they are afraid of human contact. I hope Andy was just caught in one moment, and not several minutes or hours.

    You know what it reminds me of? I first noticed this at this year's FO, then again at Wimby. The people at the match were pointing phones and watching that instead of the actual players on the court, playing live tennis. Then they would type like mad during changeovers instead of watching the players or the action around them. It was actually kind of depressing to me.

  3. ROFL gotta love Casper the Scottish Ghost! I think he's on his BB often because he tweets. Not as much as ReRe or A-Rod but enough.

    Yeah, I'm sure they were Twittering, sending pics and texting etc. I must admit I'm guilty as well due to this blog and Twitter. But Kalil is also on his iPhone all the time so we have it out now and again.

    We're in the 'No iPhones allowed at the table' zone ATM. And as you can imagine it's going SWIMMINGLY.

  4. *nods*
    Yep. I am not unaware that I also contribute to this kind of new communication. I just really limit how many sites I go to, and I don't do the tweety/myface?space? kind of things. I get that it's the wave of the future. I still don't like it. :P

    I hear you on the phone rules, though. My current *guy du jour* also works with twenty-year-olds, is always on his BB. I am always on my cell, talking to my twenty-year-olds. We came up with "While the phone's turned on, I'm turned off" idiom. Works for a couple of hours, anyway. ;)

  5. Then I guess I won't be seeing you on the new FB page I started for DtL - lol!

    If you haven't trademarked that line "While the phone's turned on, I'm turned off" then I might use it since my other methods haven't worked. *sad face*

  6. Seriously what a terrible article, she's not going anywhere. Andy's the man of the moment. He's one of the best tennis players in the world and he's rolling in it. wussy men and needy women would suggest he needs to show her constant attention - that ladies and gentleman is how you kill a relationship.


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