Google Down the Line!: Serena Williams + Sascha Bajin's Twitter lovefest

Friday, July 23, 2010

Serena Williams + Sascha Bajin's Twitter lovefest

Now that Serena Williams is supposedly off-again with rapper Common (though this pic may say otherwise) she's a single lady with an empty ring finger. Uh, not so fast.

She has one of the closest baller-hitting partner relationships that I know of in the tennis world with Sascha Bajin, or Big Sascha in Twitterverse speak. He's always in her baller box rooting her onto another major title, they hang out off-court tons and the pair share playful banter for everyone to see online. And today was no exception.

Apparently Big Sascha offered up a nice piece of ring bling for the top lady baller and she couldn't have been more thankful:

Nice words for a friend. And just for the record, here's a photo of the ring in question...

Cute, no? Anyway, Big Sascha was quick to respond to Kandse's effusive tweets upping the 13-time Grand Slammer with his own saccharine-laced musings:

"I was born to make you happy"? "I will be there for you"? I mean, just throw something sparkly on Kandse's other ring finger and call it a day. I kid. Clearly they have a strong professional relationship and solid friendship.

But it seems like one of those horrific Meg Ryan/Jennifer Aniston rom-com movies you've been forced to sit through (fine, I've watched some by choice and hated myself through every minute of it) where the two players spend every waking moment together but date other people and then finally realize "The One" has been in their face the whole time. Awww, and CUT.

Also, check out Big Sascha's Twitter page background. It's a photo from Kandse's U.S. Open win in 2008. You see? Even the flag boy looks a bit confused by their interaction. I'd believe his reaction because he saw it all live and in the flesh.

Listen, I'm not trying to start rumors - pinky swear - but she's available (again, SUPPOSEDLY) and I haven't seen him tweet anything about a girlfriend. So just get on with it already. You'd make us all (read: just me) very happy. And isn't that what love is all about?

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  1. I'm sure there's some lost-in-translation issues there with Sascha. There has to be, right? lol. And have you officially ditched ReRe for Kandse?

  2. I can neither confirm nor deny your statement. I'm just presenting the facts as they were tweeted to me (and the almost 2 million or so combined followers.) And, yes, she's now Kandse to me. 4EVR and always. Until she pulls a new one that is.

  3. The scoop on Sascha

  4. that's the ugliest ring i've ever seen

    new money...


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