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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PHOTO OP: A-Rod's latest hairy situation - was it worth it?

"Keepin' it clean y'all."

I've been trying to take a break from tennis since suffering from tired fingers + fried brain after the long haul that began on the clay of Monte Carlo, and as you can see from my actual posts this week my efforts have been a complete and total SUCCESS. I mean, it would be great to be fresh for the North American hard-court swing and the U.S. Open.

So here's another reason why I unbroke my break: Andy Roddick's latest hairy situation. Apparently he and wifey, Brooklyn, spent the Fourth of July weekend at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and got a little crazy with the clippers. But what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas so we have the proof.

Now A-Rod's no stranger to the pitfalls of a hairy situation but me thinks this one isn't nearly as bad. I'm sure he was looking for a fresh start after his Wimbledon fail.

What do you guys think - LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?

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  1. Much better. Kudos to you, Andy! :) I know how hard that is for a young man.
    Rafa needs to do the same. His hair looks pitiful now with all those wide-open, empty spaces.
    Richie, grab the clippers, quick! I suggest you do the honors.

  2. I loved shaving my head down espesh during the summer. Surprisingly I haven't done it during this NYC heat wave. Anyway, you need to have a nicely shaped head to pull it off.

    I wonder what he would look like with a shaved head? Is his head nicely shaped? And yes, the one sitting on his shoulders. I'm sure the other one is just fine.

  3. Richie,
    You shaved your head? Oh, wait.
    *goes back and reads again*
    Okay. I get it. You've done it before, but not yet this year. Yay, Richie!!! *plants big kiss*
    Natch likey shaved heads! (The ones on shoulders, def. :))

    I think the head shape helps, but isn't crucial. If you have a triangle for a head, you are still going to look better with the hair off if you are losing it.
    Andy did it right, I think. He's in the in-between stage, where it's not all gone yet, but it's on it;s way. So it looks good 1/2" or less. Rafa would be the same, I think. He has a weak chin, though. Won't look as good as Andy, but he'll look much better than he does now.

    Btw, I wonder if you'll be surprised to learn I shaved my head in college? :) I? FLOVED it!!

  4. I don't really find it flattering. He looks like a balding guy trying to hide it.

  5. Seems to intensify dark circles around Andy's eyes for some reason. It may work for some, but PLEASE don't touch a hair on the gorgeous head of the World #1!

  6. I wish Andy would leave his hair alone. Prefer longer hair.


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